Almost there!

We’ve finished designing the 2019 Cat Calendar, and it will be arriving to us early next week. In preparation, we’re offering the chance to PRE-ORDER the calendar.

This project has honestly been the largest hobby project I’ve ever committed to in my life. It took a lot of courage and support from friends to even convince myself that this calendar wasn’t a hare-brained idea from a crazy cat lady. I mean, I’m definitely a crazy cat lady, but I think it’s a good crazy. RIGHT?

From choosing backdrops, to learning HOW to use them, learning how to use greenscreen (which I’m still not great at yet…), to using a tripod for the first time, this has been a project that I’ve put a lot of my thought and interest into. Add to that the fun of spending time with my cats, which are my babies, and my husband embracing this idea with open arms, I feel extremely lucky to have been able to make this happen.

Thank you, everyone who has been supportive so far, and to all of the people who have been following me along the way via facebook and Instagram. My handle is alexasoprano.

Check out some preview shots below!

Amelia is the star of the front cover
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